Audacity: The Essential Beginners Guide

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Audacity: The Essential Beginners Guide, Audacity beginners course.

This course will explore how to use Audacity and the main functions which are used. This course will cover the basics to start recording, editing, and getting you up and running within 25 minutes.

In this course, we will cover the main functions used on the interface and where to locate these functions, how to record audio using the software. We will also explore how to reduce background noise whilst recording and normalize audio in production. Finally, we will also explore how to import and export audio and more!

Since its launch Audacity has been a world leader as open-source and free audio editing software. With an easy to use interface which can match the vast majority of audio editing software available.

Audacity is a popular free audio recording & editing software. It is used widely across the world and extremely user friendly. The software has made recording & editing very simple so that everyone can learn. It supports a number of plug-ins & libraries that can expand its functionality.

So enroll today! and enjoy this no fluff, need to know the content course to start using Audacity today. This course is perfect for explainer videos, audiobook creation, TV and radio adverts, podcasts, live stage narration recordings, voicemail, and much more!

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