Bug Tracker and JIRA

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Bug Tracker and JIRA, Become a better software tester by leaning bug tracking and JIRA.

Using a Jira bug reporting tool helps developers and their teams record and track the status of bugs in their apps from start to finish. You can add a bug description, attachments, identify the affected versions, assign them to the right members to fix, and assign severity levels, all while having a single overview of everything in the backlog.

Jira allows you to customize workflows based on your needs. You can adjust and mold your flow in any way you want so that you can track your issues from beginning to end based on your processes. For the past 15 years, people have been using Jira successfully in many ways, from agile project management, service desk ticket tracking, and even writing. However, one of the most popular applications of Jira, and everone’s personal favorite, will always be bug tracking.

This course on Bug Tracking and JIRA covers the following aspects:

1) Zoho Bug Tracker

2) Mantis Bug Tracker

3) Project Management with RedMine

4) JIRA Plugin Configuration and Settings Management

5) JIRA Configuration Advanced Settings and Properties

6) JIRA Tasks and SubTasks Issue Tracking

7) JIRA User and Group Management

8) JIRA Project Management and Planning Tutorial

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