CONTRACT LAW: Business Obligations

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CONTRACT LAW: Business Obligations, Simplified legal Course with NOTES and CASE LAWS.

Contracts form the BASIS UPON WHICH MODERN BUSINESSES ARE BUILT. Most business operations and transactions are quite often in the shape of promises made now and the performance follows later

The law of contract constitutes of the legal rules regarding such promises, their formation, performance and to what degree they can be enforced

It is important to have the basic knowledge of contractual agreements irrespective of the position one is in as long as they are in business.

The course is designed in a simplified way WITH ANIMATED CASE LAWS to reaffirm the idea that you are about to learn.

Additional TEXT IN PDF form is availed for download at the end of every section so that the learner can in the end confirm what he/she/they have learned in the videos.

The instructor is available to answer any question via any of the social media address provided or through direct messaging in the plat form.

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