GIMP for Amazon Merch

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GIMP for Amazon Merch, How to use GIMP to Make Beautiful T-shirt Designs.

Congrats! You got accepted into Merch by Amazon. Now What? How are you going to design t-shirts that will not only look great, but also add money into your bank account?

Enter Gimp for Amazon Merch, a free, easy to learn program. Once you get the basics down pat you will churn out shirts and drown in royalties.

What GIMP basics do we cover here? (No worries if you are new to design, we walk you through everything).

  • Why choose GIMP in the first place?
  • How to download GIMP
  • Opening GIMP for the first time
  • Explanation of layers
  • Complete toolbox run-down

Once you master the basics, it’s time to move on to how to use GIMP for Amazon Merch. We will guide you from a blank screen to your first t-shirt design.

In the second part we cover:

  • From start to finish with setting up a t-shirt design template
  • How To export your t-shirt design
  • Creation of curved text for advanced designs
  • Examples of the creative process
  • How To find Inspiration
  • Multiple Amazon Merch hacks & tricks

This course is perfect for the Amazon Merch beginner who wants a headstart and an easy to follow process. Everything you need to get started with GIMP for Merch is contained within.

Get started now. Pick up this course and find success with GIMP for Amazon Merch.

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