Google Analytics Made Easy – 2018 Success Guide

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Google Analytics Made Easy – 2018 Success Guide, We only have 1 Goal. To Learn you How to Read & Understand your website’s Google Analytics data. We made it easy!

During the Google Analytics Training, we use an advanced method of analyzing AdWords campaigns, our website, its visitors and their behavior using Google’s tool, Google Analytics. Additional tools give us a clear picture of our site as well as the strategy we need to follow.

Our goal is for you to be able to analyze and understand which campaigns have a positive ROI, which need to be improved, where specifically are improvements needed (USP, keywords, landing pages or other elements) and which ones you need to stop or re-evaluate your strategy.

Google Analytics reveals all the secrets required to succeed on the internet and it also gives us a useful guide to the steps and actions we need to make in order to achieve our goals.

This is the only Google Analytics Training created by an instructor who is also a Google PREMIER Partner, which is a title given to only 3% of Google Partners worldwide.

The Google Analytics Training is the most effective, straightforward & practical course on the market. Based on your comments, this is a Training that “Saves Money“, “To The Point“, “Deeply Explained“, “Fast & Accurate“, “Well Ordered” and “On Topic Only“.

Our goal is for you to learn how to effectively use the Google Analytics platform in combination with Google AdWords and all other Channels (Organic, Social Media, Email Marketing, Referral) so as to aim towards performing campaigns that deliver a high ROI. That’s why we combine a professional Analytics Course with professional personalised Analytics support.

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