Learn to think in JavaScript – For Absolute Beginners

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Learn to think in JavaScript – For Absolute Beginners, ​Master all the basic concepts in JavaScript and programming with this fast course designed for absolute beginners.

In this course you will get the most basic information both in javascript and programming.

You will be able to understand the most basics concepts of all the programming languages and you will learn how to think like a real JavaScript developer from the ground up.

I am Georgian, a long time web developer and I came with a course so you can understand how JavaScript works under the hood.

I designed this course with two types of students In mind. The first are those that want to learn programming but don’t know from where to start.

The second are those who know something about javaScript but they are not confident enough and want to get a deeper understanding of language.

Here you will learn what type of programming language JavaScript is and what is the difference between an interpreted language and compiled language.

Then we will see what is the difference client-side programming and server-side programming.

From there we will go to the most important concepts in programming and javascript like: variables,data types,operators,control flow,functions,objects,this keyword, arrays and iteration loops.

This course comes with more than 1 hour downloadable video, fast support, quizzes and exercises.

Inside here you can find what you want. You will get a good understanding of JavaScript and programming with great examples and coding exercises in a very short time.

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