Microsoft Excel Training-Learn By Doing Approach

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Microsoft Excel Training-Learn By Doing Approach, Interactive course on Microsoft Excel for all levels [Regular Updates].

Microsoft excel is the mostly used spreadsheet package that can turn your data into insights. This is the  learn by doing excel course that will help you to gain the skills in an interactive way. In this course everything is organised in such a way that will make your learning process effective and enjoyable without consuming overloaded information. You will get all the relevant exercise files and downloadable resources in the bonus section of this course that will help you to practice like a pro. Under the proper guidance and training methodology students will be able to learn the following core skills of Microsoft excel:

  • In-depth understanding of excel menu system and ribbon.
  • Working with formula.
  • Mostly used excel functions in our day to day life.
  • How to format properly.
  • Adjusting worksheet layout properly.
  • How to print from large data sources.
  • How to create charts with in a single click.
  • Know how the “worksheet view” works.
  • How to create multiform workbook.
  • Working with “If” functions.
  • Vlookup function.
  • How to implement security and proper protection on your excel workbook and worksheet.
  • How to share the workbook with multiple users.
  • Proper ways of managing data.
  • Proper ways of managing data analysis.
  • How to create pivot table.
  • How use macros in excel.

Learn from an excel pro with 6 years of experience in training on Microsoft excel. So lets get started!

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