Moroccan Recipe: Authentic Chicken Pastilla

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Moroccan Recipe: Authentic Chicken Pastilla, Cooking the Traditional Chicken Pastilla step by step.

The food of Morocco ranks high on lists of the world’s best cuisines and is well worth exploring, Moroccan cuisine is rich in various delicious and distinctive dishes, which made it the first place in the Arab and African, and ranked second in the world.

The most popular and beloved dish in Morocco is Passtilla or Bastilla

It’s a spicy, savoury, sweet Moroccan chicken pie, composed of many buttery thin layers of pastry, enclosing eggs, chicken, almonds, topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. It combines sweet and salty flavors. 

I will show you the easiest way to make the authentic Passtilla yourselves.

In this course you will learn how to prepare the Moroccan Passtilla step by step.

  -Ingredients you will need

       -How to make the chicken filling

       -How to make the eggs filling

       -How to make the almonds filling

       -How to assemble the Passtilla

       -How to garnish the Passtilla

Every step is accompanied by a written recipe and directions

I hope you enjoy this wonderful Moroccan bastilla recipe!

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