WordPress Essentials for Individuals/Business

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WordPress Essentials for Individuals/Business, Enroll and success your business/career with WordPress skills.

WordPress Essentials for Individuals/Business course’s purpose is to polish your basic knowledge on WordPress and fulfill it until meet business or career requirements. If you’re totally new to WordPress, warmly welcome you too.¬†This course¬†covers following areas,

  • Introduce WordPress with comparing free wordpress plans and paying wordpress plans
  • Introduce WordPress code structure/skeleton
  • WordPress dashboard and front-end (Website or blog)
  • Set-up WordPress locally with XAMPP
  • Plugins installation via Dashboard
  • Plugins installation manually
  • Themes¬†installation via Dashboard
  • Themes installation manually
  • Theme configuration with widgets and configure themes until getting exact appearance of the demo
  • User roles and manage users with privilege levels
  • WordPress backups and installing backup plugin and configure the plugin
  • Schedule the backups
  • Other WordPress tips

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